FACTIVE Monthly Follow-Up Meeting

On September 16, the FACTIVE partnership met online to review the progress of the project.

The meeting started with the project coordinator, CITEVE, introducing some management, communication and quality aspects.

Afterwards, the partners presented a recap of all activities’ status before the summer break and next steps.

Secondly, STEP presented the FACTIVE learning methodology (IO2), which is currently under review and nearly finished.

Then, LCU, the partner in charge of the MOOC (Massive and Open Online Courses) virtual platform that will enable VET learners to improve their skills, gave some indications to the rest of the partnership to complete the content and conclude the work.

Finally, Modatex shared with the partnership the organisation and the agenda of the C1 activity, which the partner is leader. In this event, held in Oporto, all partners will receive training and test the materials created by the own FACTIVE partnership.

Furthermore, a monthly project meeting to review the advances done up to that time, will also take place during the event.

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